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Make your demos and tutorials flow perfectly

Welcome to the Flowtility Objects and Bullets

The Flowtility Objects and Bullets are a corner stone of making great movies for Flowtility.
All of our objects and bullets are downloaded over a transparency layer.
Download all Flowtility objects and bullets 2.9 GB

Bullet Point

Download Bullet Point

Butterfly in Flight

Download Butterfly In Flight

Check Mark

Download Check Mark


Download Cloud

Dollar Sign

Download Dollar Sign

First Frame

Download First Frame

Green Light

Download Green Light

Green Leaf

Download Green Leaf

Last Frame

Download Last Frame

Light Switch

Download Light Switch

Like This Video

Download Like This Video

Like This Video 2

Download Like This Video 2


Download Lock Icon

Minus Sign

Download Minus Sign

Pause Sign

Download Pause Sign


Download Play Button

Plus Sign

Download Plus Sign

Price Tag

Download Price Tag

Record Button

Download Record Button

Rectangle Stop

Download Rectangle

Red Light Object

Download Red Light


Download Rewind

RSS Subscribe

Download RSS


Download Shield

Sound Icon

Download Sound Icon

Star Rating

Download Star Rating

Stop Sign

Download Stop Sign

Yellow Stop Button

 Download Yellow Stop

Subscribe Red

Download Subscribe Red

Subsrcibe w/ Input

Download Subscribe Red

Subscribe Red Slider

Download Subscribe Slider

Subscribe Vintage

Download Subscribe Vintage

X Sign

Download X Sign

Yellow Light

Download Yellow Light


Download Scissors

Magnifying Glass

Download Magnifying Glass


Download Cursor


Download Buffering


Download Pencil

Rough Arrow 1

Download Rough Arrow 1

Rough Arrow 2

Download Rough Arrow 2

Rough Arrow 3

Download Rough Arrow 3

Rough Arrow 4

Download Rough Arrow 4

Rough Arrow 5

Download Rough Arrow 5

Buffering 2

Download Buffering 2

Buffering 3

Download Buffering 3

Buffering 4

Download Buffering 4

Buffering 5

Download Buffering 5

Buffering 6

Download Buffering 6


Download Earth

Thought Bubble

Download Thought Bubble

Blue Progress Bar

Download Blue Progress Bar

Grey Progress Bar

Download Gray Progress Bar

Gray Progress Bar Alt

Download Gray Progress Bar Alt

Stop Sign Alert

Download Stop Sign Alert

Sync Alert

Download Stop Sync Alert

Yellow Progress Bar

Download Yellow Progress Bar

Yellow Progress Bar Alert

Download Yellow Progress Bar Alert

Yield Alert

Download Yield Alert

Email Alert

Download Email Alert

Battery Drained

Download Battery Drained

Battery Charged

Download Battery Charged

Blank Button

Download Blank Button

Blank Twitter

Download Blank Twitter

Facebook Blank

Download Facebook Blank

Follow Me

Download Follow Me

Like It

Download Like It

Rough Checkmark

Download Rough Checkmark

Rough Star

Download Rough Star

Rough Underline 1

Download Rough Underline 1

Rough Underline 2

Download Rough Underline 2

Rough Underline 3

Download Rough Underline 3

Rough Bullet Point

Download Rough Bullet Point

Recycle Icon

Download Recycle Icon

Slider Bar Blank

Download Slider Bar Blank

Sync 1

Download Sync 1

Talk Bubble

Download Talk Bubble

Tweet It

Download Tweet It


Download Upload

Vector Globe

Download Vector Globe

Vintage Box Blank

Download Vintage Box Blank

Download Icon

Download Download Icon

Field Bar Blank

Download Field Bar Blank

Color Bars

Download Color Bars

Flowtility Water

Download Flowtility Water




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